Ric Forster - Writer Director

Writing and directing EastErinsborough – Neighbours EastEnders 30th sketch

Here’s a clip I wrote, directed, produced and edited to celebrate EastEnders’ 30th birthday. Originally, we considered shooting a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ message – but the thought of our cast doing impressions of legendary Walford residents was too tempting to ignore.


The story sees Neighbours character Susan Kennedy bang her head after slipping on milk (again), waking up in a warped version of Erinsborough where our regulars are acting like Peggy Mitchell, Den Watts and Zoe Slater.


The clip was shared heavily on social (1.98million views on Facebook + 289k on YouTube), with additional broadcast on UK TV news outlets the day of release.


If you listen very closely, you can hear my attempt at impersonating various EastEnders characters on the TV Karl and Susan are watching.


Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with a mix of Nikon and Tokina primes via the Metabones SpeedBooster.


Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Sound mix: Ric Forster

Sound recordist: Matt Stoddart

Costume: Jennifer Perkins

Executive Producer: Jason Herbison