Ric Forster - Writer Director


Webseries LOL exlores the world of teen relationships, drugs and social networks. The series features a non-linear structure and contains flash forwards, showing scenes set 6 months later. 20 webisodes, shot on the RED ONE and Sony XDCAM HD, edited in Final Cut Pro / mo graph in After Effects.



Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Webseries LOL

Writer/Director/Producer – Ric Forster

Director of Photograpy – James Nolan / Adam Etherington / Andrew Litt

1st Assistant Director – Terri Doran / Kingstone Murinder

Camera Operator – Chris Helliwell / Ben Oliver

Camera Assistants – Carl Davies / Stephen Hughes / Phaedra Bell / Dominic O’Keeffe / Becky Evans

Sound Recordist – Martin Lappin / Terry Keatley / Will Higo / Hayley Trowbridge / Patrick Mohan / Ray Cheshire

Continuity – Cherry Smedley

Makeup – Roy Ali, Megan Thomas

Costume – Jessica Cadwallader

Sparks – Paul Dempster / Karl Christiansen / Alan Evans / Dave Joyce

Runners – Kaityn Critchley / Jeremy Bell / Matt Green / Anna Owens

Stills Photographer – Kaitlyn Critchley / John Bradburn / Jeremy Bell

Thanks to: Abraham Guest High School, Keith Bergman, Roy Caslake, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, North West Vision, Erica Clarke, Katie Durrant, Caroline Joynt, Chris Lovgreen, Anna Murphy, Paul Tedford, The Rag Factory, Willpower Youth Theatre



Keely – Nicola Mahoney

Jaz – Bryony Seth

Mase – Joe Hughes

Skellhorn – Mike Lawrence

Cam – Nico Mirallegro & Brennan Reece

Dawber – Dan Pye

Helen – Toni Cummings

Garner – Andrew Sykes

Milo – Chris Holding

Jo Nerini – Eliza Kempson

Beth – Victoria Hamnett

Marshy – Mark Fenton

PC Kane – Dane Brookes

DC Wells – Bernadette Nuttall

MS Stanton – Kathryn Maye David

Di Spencer – Roni Ellis

Dean – Mark Horrobin

Nina – Sharma Walfall


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