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Road to Cannes – Short Film Corner

Received an email from Chris Jones, author of the Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook, with a link to his guide to the Cannes Film Festival. (If you’ve not seen this, check it out here). After seeing it, I realised that I needed to go this year. Just one problem – to get festival accreditation (in order to see movies, attend events etc) at a reasonable price, I would need to enter a short film into the Cannes Short Film Corner.

Over the past year, I’ve been pretty busy working on LOL. Six weekend shoots, producing 20 x 4 minute episodes. Unfortunately as a webseries, it doesn’t really qualify (maximum duration of 35 mins for Short Film Corner entires). What about my short In The Name of Security? Also not valid, as the short has to made in I think the last 18 months.

The deadline for entries is Friday April 16th. It’s the first week of March now. Time to get writing a script.

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