Ric Forster - Writer & Filmmaker

Writing & directing a second season of web series ‘LOL’

In 2008, I started work on LOL – a teen web series exploring relationships, drug use and social networks. Over a series of weekends spanning 9 months, I wrote and directed 20 episodes. The series to date has seen over 250,000 views.
The next year I departed for Australia on a year abroad, which turned into two, then three… LOL seemed to continue to be viewed online, and I’d receive emails/tweets on a pretty regular basis from fans wanting to see more. Quite cool that the web series had found it’s own little audience – so when I booked my flights back to the UK for Christmas 2013 – I decided to try and put together another run.


Picking up the same characters five years later, LOL: Young and Unemployed sees Keely Cooper, now aged 21, kicked out of uni and struggling to fit back into her old life.
Shot with a micro crew (3-5 peeps) on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera Pocket (ProRes mode).


DOPs: Andrew Litt / Carl Davies / Jonathan Treherne


Here’s a couple of graded up stills from the rushes:











  • February 16, 2014
    Brett Snelgrove

    Great to hear mate. Look forward to hearing more about LOL’s return.

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