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The Janoskians MTV Sessions

Here’s a project that I’ve been producing over the past couple of months. It’s a Jackass-esque prank series for MTV, starring Melbourne teen YouTube sensations The Janoskians.


Adapted from their YouTube channel, with over 38 million views to date, the show sees the five lads unleash havoc on unsuspecting citizens.


All new episodes Fridays at 8am AU/10am NZ, only on MTV.COM.AU!


Hook up with Melbourne madmen the Janoskians for never before seen next level footage of the boys pushing it to the extremes! There’ll be blood, sweat and tears, as well as vomiting, wee wee, busted balls, indecent exposure, broken limbs, strippers, ambulances and killer seagulls! Get ready to be offended.


Shot on Sony NX30P cameras – surprisingly awesome due to their small size, XLR inputs, full HD 1920×1080 50p slow mo ability and inbuilt optical stabiliser. We were able to film from across the street, handheld, and get a rock steady shot – without being noticed by subjects.


I developed the prank concepts with the cast, sourced our filming locations and permits (not so easy when you’re playing pranks on members of the public), shot some of the pranks, ingested all media, offlined some edits, onlined and soundmixed others… all edited in Final Cut Pro.


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