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Thinking Straight – Short film shoot

A few months back I was asked if I’d join a writer/producer team as director, in a bid to secure funding from Vision + Media for a short film. Liking the script, I signed up, wrote my directors notes and we submitted the bid. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the funding, but I persuaded the rest of the team that we should go ahead and try to make the film anyway.


The project is titled ‘Thinking Straight’.

It’s a short film following transgender teen Sam as she looks for love, whilst struggling with her own identity. Becky Simpson is Writer/Producer, and Diane Whitely is Exec Producer.


Shooting on the RED again, Adam Etherington (DOP), brought up a great set of Cooke Panchros. The lenses were awesome – both sharp and with a softness to them too, giving the film less of a digital look.


Here’s some stills from the footage:


The shoot itself was pretty challenging – lots of lugging kit around Manchester city centre, shooting in the pouring rain and late night scenes. Very pleased with how the film is shaping up in the edit so far.


Some behind the scenes stills:



Director – Ric Forster

Writer/Producer – Becky Simpson

Executive Producer – Diane Whitley

Director of photography – Adam Etherington

1st AD – Matt Noon

Assistant Producer – Wes Paul Gerrard

Camera assistants – Carl Davies, Stephen Hughes

Focus puller – Edward Bowen-Carpenter

Gaffer – Dan Beckett

Sound Recordist – Patrick Mohan

Boom Operator – Heather Waterton

Makeup – Bethany Pentalowe

Continuity – Emily Harland, Dean Biddell

Runners – Rachel Barker, Matt Hyland

Sam – Kat Redstone
Dilly – Natalie Marie Perry
Josh – David Atkins
Bouncer – Mark Horrobin
Charlotte – Helen Walton
Liz – Emily Sinclair
Drunk man – Wes Paul Gerrard

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