Ric Forster - Writer & Filmmaker

LOL webseries (series 2)

After hooking up with her high school teacher, Keely left for university and her problems seemed like history – but things are about to change. Set in the UK’s North West, series two of LOL follows young & unemployed twentysomething Keely Cooper as she struggles with young adulthood.


The series’ first episode was published in 2008 – several years later on a visit to the UK I reunited cast & crew to shoot 8 more episodes. This time working with a micro crew of 4, shooting on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.


Starring Nicola Mahoney, Bryony Seth, Joe Hughes, Andrew Sykes, Michael Lawrence, Toni Cummings, Nicola Holt, Stephen Thomas, Hannah Russell, Chris Holding, Dane Brookes, Mari-Claire Kennedy & Joanne Sartorius


Series created, written & directed by Ric Forster.


Nominated for Best International Drama, Best Editing & Best Score at Melbourne Web Fest 2016. Nominated for Best British Series at Raindance Web Fest Independent Series Awards 2014.


Music by Chris Bradstreet / Almost Always band & Audio Network.





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