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Xanthe hearts Ben – first soap Instagram drama

The experimental drama comprises 20 x 15 second episodes that use Instagram’s video capability to create a ‘soap bubble’ – the story follows two Neighbours characters in the events leading up to and following the Lassiters’ disaster.


Users of Instagram are able to access Xanthe hearts Ben from the official Neighbours’ Instagram account – @Neighbours – with the first few episodes available now. Episodes will be posted daily until April 21st when the Instagram storyline catches up with its linear TV counterpart.


Starring Lilly Van Der Meer, Felix Mallard & Bastian Navarria

Produced, Directed & Edited by Ric Forster

Written by Bastian Navarria

Story Producer – Stephen Vagg

Makeup – Leah Meurer

Sound Recordist – Graham Fettling

Production Co-ordinator – Melanie Rowland

Production Manager – Fiona Spees

Head of Digital & Social Content – Emily Willis

Executive Producer – Jason Herbison


xanthe4 YOUTUBE EDIT.00_01_20_01.Still001 xanthe3

YOUTUBE EDIT.00_05_37_22.Still007

XANTHE1YOUTUBE EDIT.00_05_03_04.Still006 YOUTUBE EDIT.00_03_15_00.Still004 YOUTUBE EDIT.00_02_08_24.Still003 YOUTUBE EDIT.00_02_01_04.Still002



  • October 10, 2016
    Matt Chambers

    What cameras are you using to shoot the new backstage stories, I like the look and grade.

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